Spike Lee Goes H.A.M. On Hollywood At Oscar Award Acceptance

written by,
Vince Bowman

(L to R) Wesley Snipes, Spike Lee, Denzel Washington
(L to R) Wesley Snipes, Spike Lee, Denzel Washington

Spike Lee was awarded an Honorary Oscar in Hollywood over the weekend and he let the Academy know of his displeasure with the lack of diversity in Hollywood. After being presented with the award by Wesley Snipes and Denzel Washington Spike let the Academy have it with both diversity barrels.

“We can talk, you know, yabba, yabba, yabba, but we need to have some serious discussion about diversity, and get some flave up in this!” said Spike. “This industry is so far behind sports, it’s ridiculous,” . He continued. “It’s easier to be president of the United States as a black person than be head of a studio. Honest.”

We applaud Spike “The Mouth of the Movies” Lee for championing diversity in Hollywood but he is being hypocritical. This is a man who publicly criticizes other African American filmmakers, actors and actresses for making a name for themselves but wants diversity. Should diversity be only about color and race? What about diversity in the types of stories African American filmmakers tell. Spike publicly criticized Tyler Perry for his brand of story telling and called if baffoonary. I, personally, like a lot of Tyler Perry movies, as do a lot of other people. Spike Lee does not speak for the entire African American race. His attacks on Tyler Perry is Hollywood Black on Black crime.

We applaud Spike for championing diversity in Hollywood. Now we wish he’d champion diversity within himself.

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